Buying a Home in Winter

Buying a Home in Winter

Buying a Home in Winter You may think of winter as a bad time to buy a house, but there are several advantages to buying a home in winter.  While the real estate market does typically slow down during the winter and holiday months, there are still plenty of homes available for sale.  Many of […]

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Preventing Frozen Pipes Property owners must be aware of cold temperatures and the hazards it can create. One expensive problem is frozen pipes. The following are several ideas to help with Preventing Frozen Pipes. Cause of Bursting Pipes Within pipes, freezing could form a blockage. Water expands as it freezes. You may have noticed this […]

Winter Home Preparation

Winter Home Preparation Autumn is a perfect time to address several property tasks including winter home preparation. Winter conditions can be harmful. These pre-winter property maintenance tasks will help prevent damage from winter conditions and improve its safety. Pre-winter Property Maintenance Tasks Improve Heat Retention During winter months, it is vital to eliminate heat loss […]