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Preventing Frozen Pipes

Property owners must be aware of cold temperatures and the hazards it can create. One expensive problem is frozen pipes. The following are several ideas to help with Preventing Frozen Pipes.

Cause of Bursting Pipes

Within pipes, freezing could form a blockage. Water expands as it freezes. You may have noticed this with items placed in your freezer. The blockage will form increased pressure in the pipe while it develops. Pipes do not necessarily erupt at the location of the blockage. It may occur further down the line, normally at your faucets. It may happen within walls or even within kitchens and baths.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Pipes run through many different parts of your property. There are separate preventative measures depending on the location of the pipes..

Outdoor Faucets

For pipes that go to outdoors, such as ones connected to your hose connections, you can shut down the water source and bleed the lines. Because these will likely remain dormant through the winter, there is no need to hold liquid in the pipes connected to them.

Indoor Pipes

For other areas of your home, there are other alternatives. First, consider lining the pipes with a special material available at the hardware retailer. This is particularly useful for pipes in basements. Pipes within the finished area can also rupture. Try to keep your heat set to a minimal temperature even when you are away from home. A ruptured pipe will result in more expense than the cost of fuel.

Additional Suggestions for Subzero Temperatures

Extremely cold temperatures call for some additional measures. First and foremost, keep your heat set at normal temperatures throughout the day and night. Second, leave kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors ajar to allow warmth to quickly enter those spaces. Finally, you can allow your faucet to drip slightly. This prevents pressure build-up.

Simple Ways to Prevent Bursting Pipes Will Reduce Property Damage

Bursting pipes can result in a big mess for homeowners, particularly when it is undiscovered for an extended timeframe. It is definitely worth the expense and effort to proactively take care of the situation by considering these ideas to help with preventing frozen pipes. Be sure to check with your property insurance agent to double check that you are covered for issues like frozen pipes. Contact Us for additional information.

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