Listing Your Home During the Holidays

The real estate market not only differs every year, but additionally from month to month. There are many misconceptions about selling a home during different seasons. The following is information on Listing Your Home During the Holidays.

Number of Listings

There is not as much competition during the the holiday season. Home buyers still have a need during the beginning of the new year, so the winter months are when they will find a property. Being one of the few properties for sale can give you an advantage.

Motivated Buyers

A previous survey by found that 79% of home buyers out during the holiday season were more serious. 61% consider less competition for homes to be a benefit. Additionally, potential buyers have extra time to view homes for sale during the holiday season. Relocating buyers also often use the time off to complete their search. Thus, it is possible to hear of properties going under contract on or around Christmas Day or New Years Eve.

Listing Your Home During the Holidays

If you are unsure about listing your property around the holiday season, consider the opportunities you may be missing from home buyers who really need to find a home and are visiting homes on the market. Sometimes it is better to be one of few options than to be one of an abundance of properties. There may be price and negotiation advantages when dealing with buyers who need a home and have few options to choose from. Home buyers purchase at all times of year, but the number of listings and number of buyers will change and impact prices. For more information on Listing Your Home During the Holidays, Contact Us.

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