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Home Remodeling Trends

Home enhancements continue to change. It is helpful to understand trends to maximize your property’s value. Below are some tips on home remodeling trends.

Technology Components

Technology is ingrained in daily living. Keep this in mind when deciding on the floor plan and features of your home. All rooms should contain a wall that accommodates a flat screen TV. Install electric and cable outlets in optimal areas. Think about pre-wiring for in-wall speakers as well.

Transition Between Indoor and Outdoor

The outside and inside of your property are no longer treated as disconnected spaces. Minimize the separation between them to make your home appear larger and extend your entertaining area. Include easy entry to the backyard, especially from the kitchen. Highlight outdoor living space with a nice deck, landscaping, or maybe an outdoor kitchen. Remember to optimize for privacy.

Environmental Friendliness

Environmental friendliness is a newer trend. You may even notice properties particularly noting this in their marketing. There are many different ways to achieve this. You may opt for energy efficient products, choose less chemical-intensive materials, reclaim older items to inject charm to a modern home, and/or choose sustainable materials.

Open Floor Plans

Small separate rooms were once popular, but no longer. Open floor plans are in higher demand. They allow in more light and make a home feel more spacious. Think about including dramatic upgrades such as high ceilings, bay windows, or accent pieces such as fireplaces.

More On Home Remodeling Trends

In this article are just a few home remodeling trends. Consult with your contractor for more ideas. There are also many online resources where you may browse for trends. Prior to going with dramatic changes, it is a good idea to speak with an agent about what features are most demanded by buyers and therefore would help improve resale values.
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