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Home Selling Myths

In real estate there are many misconceptions that do not actually adjust as the market changes. Relying on inaccurate information can cost you. Do not fall for these most common home selling myths.

It Is Strictly About Location

In every region, there are a few towns that people want. Home buyers pay a premium price and believe that it will be a great investment. However, the highly desirable areas are not automatically great investments given prices could be close to their maximum. Thus, there might be little room for movement. In many cases, the moderately popular neighborhoods are a better investment.

Pricing Is Less Important When the Market is Hot

So, the market is improving and you want to receive top dollar for your property. You hear that homes are receiving above the asking price, so you list your house on the high end anticipating an even better final price. Setting the price too high could be a huge mistake. Comparable listings may have gone for higher than asking price because their starting price was sensible. You cannot assume that you will get similar results no matter where you begin.

It Is Better to Provide a Concession Than Make Repairs Ahead of Time

Providing a buyer concession is not the best approach for addressing necessary repairs to your property. Some items influence how well your home shows. Poor first impressions influence buyers to offer less. Necessary repairs can result in lower sale prices beyond the concession provided.

Home Renovations Are Always Profitable

This is one of the most popular misconceptions. Unfortunately, the cost of home repairs is not usually recaptured when when it comes time to sell. Even though upgrades do increase home values, the amount which you may recover depends on the type and scale of work. Bathrooms and kitchens, for example, historically receive more than other improvements.

Selling On Your Own Will Always Increase Your Net

Selling without a real estate agent will reduce the cost of real estate fees, but it will not automatically lead to a better profit. Real estate brokers are entrenched in the market and understand the best way to position your listing. Without that guidance, you may price incorrectly, lose critical time, or reach fewer buyers out there. These can cause a lower sale price, perhaps even lower than what you are saving on fees. There are many other costly mis-steps that you can commit along the way without the counsel of an experienced real estate agent.

Avoiding Common Home Selling Myths

Purchasing a house is a huge investment. When buying or selling real estate, it is critical to be educated and make good decisions. Rely on accurate facts rather than the most common home selling myths. Work with knowledgeable real estate professionals to guide you in the transaction. This will enable you sell your property faster, for more money, and with fewer issues.
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